Week 1 Homework: Class Profile

Create a new index.html file and add a simple class profile to it.

Explore the MDN HTML reference and use a few tags you haven't encountered before, like the details tag.

Include the following:

Don't worry about styling it yet, see what you can do only with html... as an example:

My profile picture
Me taking in a sunset : )

Mark Beasley

Hi I'm Mark. I'm looking forward to teaching and learning together as we make beautiful things for the internet. I work at rhizome.org and I'm from Michigan. I received my MFA from UofC and BFA from SAIC in Chicago.

More about me

My website is mark-beasley.com

My favorite season is winter ☃

I'm currently in NYC 🌍

My favorite emoji is 🌿

My favorite food right now: tacos 🌮

The thing I'm most looking forward to once it's safe: eating out with friends

My favorite html tags are:

  1. div
  2. aside
  3. mark

a site I visit often is: are.na

yahoo.com is the first website I remember using.

one of my favorite wikipedia pages is on crown shyness.