Assignment 4: Biomimicry

a drone fly and a honey bee
an airplane and birds
a wasp and an assasin fly
a bur and velcro

Brief: For our fourth lab project, you'll be creating a site that mimics a natural process.
Due Date: Your assignment is due Thursday April 15th, *no later* than 8pm Eastern and must be emailed to me by then or it will be considered incomplete.

Throughout the natural world there are fascinating examples of various forms of mimicry.

Using the javascript we've learned in recent classes as well as CSS, you'll be creating a site that mimics a natural process. You can choose any process you like. Things like ice melting, a flower blooming, a sunrise, snow falling, a foggy window, etc.

Don't worry about making something photo-realistic or overly-accurate, rather try to create a site that is unique, poetic, and impressionistic.

Here's an example using the changing color of fall leaves and scroll events. This is just to get you thinking.. please don't make a variation of this : ]

Your site should utilize at least one javascript event:

Refer back to the slides for a refresher.

If you have an idea but are unsure how to achieve it, please feel free to email or slack me. I would also like for you to write the javascript code you use. Don't use code that you don't understand from online sources. If you utilize code from a tutor or other resources, I want you leave comments in the code explaining what each line does and be able to explain it.

Grading & expectations

You will be graded on the following:

Have fun with it, and I look forward to seeing your sites! 🍃 : )