Week 2 Homework: Style class profile and add playlist

  1. Add CSS styling to your profile by creating a style.css and link it to your profile.
  2. Make a playlist with an embeddable service or method of your choosing (mp3, youtube, spotify, itunes, etc) and embed it within a new page linked from your profile. Style the page with CSS in a way that compliments your playlist.
  3. We're going to build a web ring for our class -- find your email below and email the link to your github pages profile to the person your arrow points to. Please also email me a link to your profile.
  4. Use the code below to add your classmate's link to your profile

Our Class Webring

Adding the link

Use the following code to add your classmate's link to your profile. Replace https://their-name.github.io with the profile link you received form your partner.

html: <nav id="web-ring"> <a href="https://their-name.github.io">https://their-name.github.io</a> </nav> css: #web-ring { position: fixed; top: 15px; right: 15px; padding: 15px; background-color: rgb(52, 86, 228); border: solid 2px white; font-family: sans-serif; } #web-ring a:link { color: white; text-decoration: none; } #web-ring a:hover { text-decoration: underline; }