Assignment 1: Wikipedia Clone

Brief: For our first lab project, you'll use the Wikipedia page from your class profile and redesign it.

Using the HTML and CSS we've learned so far, take the content from your wikipedia article and reimagine the layout and display.

Wikipedia is a massive and ever-expanding resource that has to contain so many different types of content. The design aims to be as neutral and flexible as possible to encapsulate all that content. How would you redesign your specific Wikipedia page to be more interesting, distinct, or opinionated?

Your redesign must have and will be graded on the following:

Things to consider:

If you didn't add a Wikipedia page to your profile, or want to change, choose from one of the following:

If you have any questions or issues or can't figure out how to acheive something in code, email me or seek out the CD Tutors! They're a great resource to use. You can find them in the CD app.

When you're finished, email me your page and add the link to your profile page e.g. from my profile:

I redesigned one of my favorite Wikipedia pages on crown shyness.

Due Date: Complete and email me your redesign by Thursday, February 11th at 8pm EST.