1. Create a document with the color of a midnight sky on a warm summer night.
  2. Create a round form about the size of a pea that moves repeatedly from the top left corner to the top right corner also moving slightly down.
    The form should move back and forth at a slow pace, gently easing between each area.
  3. Create another round form like the first, moving from just left and below the center of the screen to the top right, but below the first form.
  4. Create another round form by flipping a coin.

    Use the coin flips as a directional guide but choose a unique placement within each sector.
  5. Repeat the last step three more times.
  6. Each form should slowly glow an amber-yellow and then dim to be nearly invisible. No two forms should start glowing at the same time.
  7. Each form should be slightly blurry, as if out of focus.