Assignment 3: Instruction Sets

In this exercise, we will try to answer the question “what is a program?” at its most fundamental level.

Part 1

  1. Create a composition using html and css we've learned so far. It can be abstract or concrete, like a group of shapes with animations applied or a css grid blog layout you've been wanting to try.

    Some of the things you should utilize:
  2. As you are creating your composition, write down each step in everyday language (words only, no units or css properties) that went into producing it to create a set of instructions or "program" to repeat it. Be mindful when using images or text, so that it's easy enough to describe how your partner can also access these elements. Here's an example from our firefly workshop.
  3. When you are done, add your project to your github and then email both the url and instructions to me ( Submit your work no later than Monday, March 8th at 8pm.

Part 2

  1. You'll receive the instructions for one of your classmate's compositions on Tuesday Morning.
  2. Execute each step of their instructions to recreate the composition.
  3. Once finished upload your second composition to git and email me the url by Thursday, March 11th at 8pm.

Reference Material:

Next class we'll compare them side by side and discuss: